Authentication, Legalization and Translation

Foreigners intending to study,work or reside in China need to prepare different kind of documents for applying for Chinese visa.

Documents originated from foreign country including non-criminal background check, diploma, TEFL, are essential documents for Chinese work visa applicants. Chinese governments require that these documents should be submitted to Chinese Embassy or Consulate for legalization for use in China.

If you are currently in China, don't be worry, no need to travel to outside. Our authentication and legalization service will help you with paperwork.

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  • What We Do

    As China's first document authentication and legalization service, our focus is international documents certification for use in China. We offer fast, easy, and secure document legalization, Apostille, and translation services. We provide the service of authentication and consular legalization in full.

    Authentication & Legalization: It verifies the authenticity of facts set out in a document. We provide authentication and legalization services to assure that your important documents are considered valid and legal.

    Translations: We provide professional translation services, especially for documents for use in China. We are efficient and fast.

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